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The terrain is. Only outfitters can apply for the guided draw with their permit number.

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I had the pleasure of capturing the video of my dad shooting this wide 5×4 mule deer this year.

Deer hunting nevada. With the exception of a few units the statewide population and age class are down. Nevada mule deer hunters had the best success in these areas in 2014. Join us for an adventurous Nevada Mule Deer hunt.

You can expect to see bucks every day. Plenty of small to average just about anywhere. We communicate with our hunters prior to putting in for the draw to ensure the units applied for match their expectations.

The mule deer population in the Spring Range Unit 262 is the largest in Management Area 26 and attracts the majority of the deer hunters. Hunting mule deer in Nevada provides hunters with the opportunity to enjoy the deserts of Nevada during October. We hunt the sage and aspen valleys of the Independence range in Northeast Nevada and the Pinion covered Mountains in Eastern Nevada.

Each spring usually in May the Nevada Department of Wildlife NDOW sets tag quotas for the coming season depending on herd status. Nevada Mule Deer Hunting. We scout thoroughly in the summer months to line out our best bucks for the season.

Nevada Mule Deer Hunting. Based on successful hunt return cards these were the units that gave up the most 4. Mule deer hunting in Nevada.

We are licensed to guide mule deer hunters in Nevada statewide and have statewide special use permits through BLM and US Forest Service permits for the Austin Tonopah District. The largest deer herd in Nevada resides in Area 10 Units 101-109. Bighorn sheep in Nevada.

It was a great hunt and I cant wait for next season. Even the mountains around Vegas had some snow from the last storm. Access can be a problem in some areas somewhat landlocked by private.

Big and small game furbearers and unprotected species. What is there to hunt in Nevada. There are some trophy quality deer in there but to get to them you need to pack in aways.

Deer hunting has a long tradition from feeding the family to trophy mounts or severed heads to hang from a wall. Food and lodging which takes place in rustic cabins or motels. While bighorn sheep are the Apple of their Eye mule deer are the meat and potatoes of Nevadas ungulate species.

Nevada also holds a separate drawing for rifle tags for mule deer. Deer Hunting in Nevada Game Management Area 163 Deer occur in all units of Management Area 16 from the foothills to the upper peaks. Ease of Drawing 9 9 Success 70 70 Trophy Potential 0.

Nevada Mule Deer Hunting. Our 4 or 5-day hunts take place in Eastern and Northeastern Nevada. The West particularly Nevada is known for its trophy mule deer.

Deer Hunting in Nevada Game Management Area 262. Watch as they work ha. Hunters in Nevada really struggled in 2020 for big bucks.

Here are some facts for you about Whitetail deer in the state of Nevada Read below General Information. Like elk hunters enter a tag draw to hunt mule deer in Nevada. Its also specifically designed to give nonresidents higher.

NA Public Access 100 100. Most of Nevada is in some level of drought. In the middle of March there were some storms rolling across Nevada.

Please view the Hunt Application Process and Deadlines page for details about application deadlines and rules and for requests for application materials. During the hunting season the highest deer densities can be found above the dense PinyonJuniper belt in higher elevation habitat types from 8000-10000 feet. White-tailed Deer Odocoileus virginianus are the most common deer in most of North America but not too common in California Nevada Ut.

Your best bet for snagging one is in late October to early November. Here at Nevada High Ridge Outfitters we believe the trophy is truly in the eyes of the beholder. We are licensed to guide mule deer hunters in Nevada statewide and have statewide special use permits through BLM and US Forest Service permits for the Austin Tonopah District.

We thoroughly scout during the summer months in order to insure you have the best hunt possible. Nevada Mule Deer Hunting Guide Outfitter Our clients have had about 85 success and nearly 100 opportunity on our Nevada mule deer hunts for the past twenty years. Todd Harney Stu Harney Mike Harney and Ben Britton battle hot dry and smoky conditions on an early rifle Mule Deer hunt in Nevada.

Sure trophies can be found anywhere theres food water shelter and minimal hunting pressure. Hunting mule deer in the rugged mountains of Nevada is an experience youll never forget. Big game quotas are set annually in May by the Nevada Wildlife Commission after NDOW biologists gather the latest.

Deer hunting was probably a motive too. Biologists survey population numbers and take a variety of data points into consideration to come up with quota numbers. Nevadas big game species include mule deer Rocky Mountain elk three sub-species of bighorn sheep pronghorn antelope mountain goat and black bear.

Mule deer abound in the hills and valleys of Nevada. Our deer hunts are spot and stalk hunts using quality optics. The iconic deer of the West mule deer are to be found in the central and eastern areas of Nevada where good spring rainfalls provide sufficient vegetation for grazing.

In the past four years our clients have harvested 11 true 200 inch deer while maintaining a 85 success rate for all weapon choices which include archery muzzle loader. But be warned the tags can take 10 years or more to draw.

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