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This sturdy hiking umbrella from trusted brand Sea to Summit is lightweight waterproof UV resistant shake dry and great value. This also works extremely well in sleet and snow.

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It weighs in at 225gm but is not an ultralight.

Hiking umbrella. A hiker on a hot sun exposed trail winding through rocks and arroyos can use a hiking umbrella to protect head face and upper body from excessive amounts of ultraviolet radiation. Just 66 it ounces keeps you out of the rain or the sun. If you are thinking of carrying an emergency hiking umbrella you might choose this one at 128 grams or this one at a mere 86.

For years ultralight hikers have chosen umbrellas as an alternative to sweating out rain gear or accepting relentless desert heat. Bring it along instead of rain gear. Less drain on your water supply.

The perfect umbrella for the long distance backpacker. Home Hiking Umbrellas. Increasingly more and more hikers are catching on.

With a hiking umbrella you do not have to lug your coat around with you. G4Free Liteflex Hiking Umbrella Ultralight Large 46 Reflective Silver Trekking Backpacking Umbrella Bonus Handsfree Umbrella Kit 43 out of 5 stars 35 3499 34. One of the most overlooked pieces of gear in the world of ultralight backpacking is a good hiking umbrella.

Umbrellas are tried and tested pieces of equipment that keep you dry. The benefits of carrying a lightweight compact umbrella cover nearly any. Using a hiking umbrella for sun protection in high exposed areas like tree lines trails deserts or long stretches of trails like the Continental Divide Trail can be your skins saving grace.

The Corduras design is gust-proof and wont get damaged during a gust of wind. So you carry a tad less weight on your back. Thru hiker tested and approved it lowers the feel of the sun up to 15 degrees.

You can adjust your hiking umbrella in the wind. To block the wind simply turn the umbrella sideways and voilàyou have just created a shield to protect yourself from the horizontal elements. They potentially eliminate the need for a pack cover since an umbrella would cover the pack too.

Our Silver Shadow family of hiking umbrellas are some of the lightest and strongest available and feature UPF 50 blocking canopies partnered with some ultralight components such as carbon fiber or fiberglass. The Zpacks Lotus Ultralight Umbrella is the worlds lightest backpacking umbrella. The worlds lightest full-size trekking umbrella now even lighter.

The original Chrome Dome Umbrella. A trekking umbrella is a useful piece of backpacking gear for rain and sun protection. But an umbrella can be a real pain in the butt if you have to hold it up for hours at a time using one arm especially if you use trekking poles to hike.

Also on warm days sometimes wearing a heavy jacket makes you too hot. A hiking umbrella is just a small lightweight umbrella that is easy to pack away. The style is also somewhat bold and technical-looking which may not appeal to everyone.

Zpacks Offers the Best Lightweight Backpacking Gear. We feel that this umbrella is best used for commuting through the rain but we also think its suitable for hiking in inclement weather or traveling being so light and. The Cordura is also one of the lighter trekking umbrellas available.

Do be careful with this though. Not a huge issue on the Appalachian Trail but umbrella aficionados claim its 10-15 degrees cooler under an umbrella in the direct glare of the sun. The create your own shade effect with a nice side effect.

These are popular for desert hiking when you need good sun protection and it doubles as minimalist rain gear. Not only will the canopy of the umbrella help deflect UV rays but the shade created by an umbrella has been measured to decrease temps by up to 15 degrees.

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