What’s the Difference Between Hiking and Trekking?

Hi! This is Greg Witt with Alpenwild. We’re  the leader in active travel in the Alps.   Since we’re the go-to experts for hiking in the  Alps, people are always calling and writing us   with lots of questions. So today, we’re going  to go to the mailbag to answer a question that   many of you have–What’s the difference between  hiking and trekking? Is there a difference?   Let’s start with hiking since it’s the most  widely used term and has the broadest definition.

   Hiking is walking in a natural environment on  an established trail. There are day hikes and   overnight hikes. A hike may last just one hour  or more and maybe a simple out and back trail   to an overlook or it could be a loop hike or a  point-to-point hike. The terrain can vary from   flat to very steep.

You’re carrying just a light  day pack with water, a snack, and maybe a jacket   or an extra layer to put on at the higher  elevations. Hiking tours include short   hikes or mountain excursions each day. On a hiking  tour, the daily hiking distance is generally three   to five miles a day it’s about the same distance  you’d walk playing a round of golf.

Trekking is a   long journey on foot in areas where there’s  generally no means of transportation available.   It’s walking for several days. The route is  often less traveled than a hiking route. You’re   in challenging environments which are remote  and mountainous. Most treks are longer and   more difficult than hikes.

Unlike a hiking  tour, a trek will typically start and end   at different points. The distance you travel  can vary from 20 miles to 100 miles or more   trekking requires more planning and preparation.  You’re carrying more gear. On some trekking   adventures you’re staying in small mountain inns  or remote huts.

Okay, so there you have it–the   definitions and differences between hiking  and trekking. Now, it’s time for a pop quiz!   I’m going to give you a brief description of our  four most popular active tours and you tell me if   what I’m describing is hiking or trekking. Ready?  First, the Chamonix-Zermatt Haute Route.

This   is the classic route connecting Mont Blanc with  the Matterhorn. Over 12 days, you cross 8 alpine   passes and travel about 80 miles. What is it? You  tell me. A hike or trek? If you said a trek, give   yourself a point and a pat on the back. Second,  Best of the Swiss Alps. On this nine-day tour,   you’ll divide your time between the  popular mountain resorts of Grindelwald   set below the north face of the Eiger and Zermatt  where the Matterhorn is a scenic centerpiece.

   You’ll enjoy adaptable day hikes and mountain  excursions using trams and cogwheel railways for   the steepest ascents. What is it? A hiking tour  or a trekking tour? If you said a hiking tour,   you’re right again! You’re a quick learner. Now  let’s try another. It’s the Tour du Mont Blanc.

   It’s the classic circuit around Mont Blanc–the  highest peak in the Alps. On this 12-day tour, you   start in Chamonix, France and pass through Italy  and Switzerland. Each day, you pass the glaciers   and valleys that flank this magnificent peak.  What is it?A hike or a trek? A trek, you say?   Right again! And finally, Exploring the  Jungfrau.

This is a nine day inn-to-inn tour   through the Jungfrau region. We stay in the  villages of Lauterbrunnen and Grindelwald   and enjoy an overnighter to a wonderful mountain  hotel dating to the 1880s. We take an excursion   on the Jungfrau railway tunneling through the  Eiger to arrive at the highest railway station   in Europe and overlooking the longest glacier  in the Alps.

What is it? A hike or a trek?   I included this tour in the quiz to throw you off.  It’s an inn-to-inn tour and includes an overnight   hike but it’s all within a compact area. We  consider it a hiking tour. So, what’s your style?   Which most appeals to you? Hiking or treking?  Either way, you’re going to have a great vacation   in the Alps.

You can do this! You can have the  outdoor vacation of a lifetime in the Alps.   Simply visit our website, alpenwild.com, or  give us a call. I hope you enjoy this video.   Also be sure to give this video a thumbs up  and subscribe so that you can stay on top   of exciting news and offers. This is Greg  Witt for Alpenwild.

Source Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H5FlcU5RXP4

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